Question: What Immediate Means?

What is the meaning of instant reply?

The definition of instant is something that is urgent or happens immediately.

An example of instant is an answer received very quickly, an instant response..

What’s another way to say today?

What is another word for today?nowadayscurrentlynowpresentlyanymoreright nowcontemporarilythese daysat presentjust now23 more rows

How do you say immediately after?

This is a modal window….What is another word for immediately after?whenoncejust asdirectly afterright afterafterimmediately oncejust at the moment thatdirectlyimmediately when10 more rows

What does mean extinct?

Extinction of a particular animal or plant species occurs when there are no more individuals of that species alive anywhere in the world – the species has died out. … This is a natural part of evolution. But sometimes extinctions happen at a much faster rate than usual.

What is immediate life?

Immediate Life Support (ILS) is a level of training undertaken in order to provide emergency medical care outside medical facilities (prehospital care). … Immediate Life Support is also known as Limited Advanced Life Support (LALS).

What is instant time?

In physics and the philosophy of science, instant refers to an infinitesimal interval in time, whose passage is instantaneous.

How do you use immediately?

Used with verbs: “He acted immediately when he saw the house on fire.” “He immediately apologized for his behavior.” “She immediately regretted her behavior.” “The school immediately contacted the parents after the accident.”

What is another word for immediate?

In this page you can discover 64 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for immediate, like: instant, on the instant, now, next, prompt, quick, pressing, urgent, at-once, instantaneous and live.

What is the full form of instant?

Inst may refer to: As “inst.”, abbreviation for instant, with reference to time.

What instead means?

as a substitute or replacement; in the place or stead of someone or something: We ordered tea but were served coffee instead. in preference; as a preferred or accepted alternative: The city has its pleasures, but she wished instead for the quiet of country life.

How do you say quick response?

Less formalThank you so much for the speedy reply.Thank you so much for your speedy reply.Thank you for the/your quick reply.Thank you for the/your quick response.Thanks so much for….

What means prompt reply?

(a) prompt (response, reply): (a) swift, quick, efficient, speedy, immediate (response, reply) adjective. I would appreciate a prompt reply so that I can take action immediately.

What’s another word for quick response?

Some common synonyms of prompt are apt, quick, and ready. While all these words mean “able to respond without delay or hesitation or indicative of such ability,” prompt is more likely to connote training and discipline that fits one for instant response.

What instant means?

An instant is a very short time. In combinations like instant coffee and instant replay it means available right away without a wait.

What’s another word for immediate family?

What is another word for immediate family?close familyclose relativeimmediate next of kinclose kinnext of kinloved ones