Quick Answer: How Old Is Nardwuar?

What is nardwuar real name?

John RuskinNardwuar the Human Serviette/Full name.

How long has nardwuar been interviewing?

The Canadian man who has spent 30 years keeping interviews interesting.

Why did Kid Cudi leave his nardwuar interview?

Legendary Vancouver, BC celebrity interviewer Nardwuar the Human Serviette interviewed Cudi a few weeks ago, but the Day ‘n’ Night rapper cut the interview short after Nardwuar made some (truthful) observations about his hit single! Even after Nardwuar brought Kid Cudi old jazz records his uncle played drums on!

How does nardwuar know so much?

Nardwuar does extensive research on the interviewee to confuse, scare or impress them. During an interview with Pharrell Williams from N.E.R.D. , Nardwuar pulled out a vinyl record featuring the very first recorded track by Pharrell, causing him to say, “Your research is second-to-none.

Is nardwuar the best interviewer?

Nardwuar, the Human Serviette is a journalist famous for his interviews with all your favorite artists, but you’ve probably never heard of him. If you have, you know that he’s hands-down the best interviewer in music journalism today and you know that’s not an exaggeration.

How tall is nardwuar?

1.73 mNardwuar the Human Serviette/Height

Who is the best interviewer?

10 Of The Best Celebrity And Political Interviewers1 Howard Stern – The Howard Stern Show.2 David Letterman- The Late Show. … 3 Oprah Winfrey- The Oprah Winfrey Show.4 Jon Stewart- The Daily Show. … 5 Larry King- Larry King Live. … 6 Barbara Walters- 20/20. … 7 Ellen- The Ellen DeGeneres Show. … 8 Jimmy Fallon- The Tonight Show. … More items…•